The Vevo First Time User Experience

Pre-show: Introduction They say first impressions are everything. When you meet somebody, after name and occupation -- if you're American, anyway -- you get to talking, learning about that person, asking and answering questions. If you're paying attention, the conversation starts to naturally flow from one topic to the next.

Smart content encoding at VEVO

The Vevo Engineering team is always looking at the quality of our customer video experience since it is such a critical component of our platform. Combine that quality with rich metadata, beautiful imagery, and polished client applications, and the result is a stunning user experience. After reading a wonderful article

Flows Aren't Just for Designers

As a front-end or full-stack developer, what’s the first thing you do when you start on a new feature? Do you read the user story and dive in, cowboy-style? Do you search Google, StackOverflow, or GitHub to see if someone else has implemented it? Do you run git blame